Update 04/05/2021

With the easing of restrictions, we are now starting to run some Face-to-Face meetings for our sections.
The rate at which specific sections will resume meetings will be dependent on the specific leaders of that section. Each has their own personal circumstances to be considered.

Scouting operates under slightly different guidelines to Schools, hence why things are operating differently. Each school bubble is likely to be one or two classes of 30 children. Within our Scout Group, we currently draw children from 8 different Schools with each age range covering at least 3 year groups. We do not want to disrupt the fantastic work being done in Schools to provide a safe environment by completely ignoring their bubble process.

Each section will be communicating with their members directly about the resumption of activities.

Update 05/01/2021

With the announcement of a Tier 5 national lockdown from today, all Groups/Units across the country will move to theĀ Red Readiness LevelĀ effective immediately.

This means that there can be no face-to-face activity with young people or adult volunteers. Only online meetings can be delivered until further notice.